Africa: Next Stop for Global Manufacturing, or Terrible Mistake Waiting to Happen?

BMGI Global CEO David Silverstein  was recently in South Africa connecting with clients and the business here. His presentation on Connecting the Dots resonated with the
audience attending our Power Breakfast and stimulated him to write about Africa in his Dave’s Dots blog post.

africa-151585After spending a week in Africa (working), I met up with my family in Europe. The kids had never been and we thought it time to expose them. I won’t recount our whole trip, but if you’ve never been to the beaches of Normandy, move them to the top of your list. The WW II history is fascinating, but so too are the many medieval villages superimposed in the same place. I can’t imagine a place with more history spanning so many diffferent eras.

Today’s dot is my thought on Africa’s dilemma that became very apparent to me while there.

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