Mythbusting the silver bullet


By Stan Shaw

The ‘Silver Bullet’ was the calling card of the Lone Ranger, a fictional character. Just as fictional is the myth is that a silver bullet is a single solution to a complicated problem which, if found, will bring a quantum improvement in business performance.

So-called silver bullets have often been linked to a technology-based solution or some magical new business tool or philosophy. Fact is, neither of these have brought large scale, pervasive and immediate improvements.

Actually, most business philosophies and tools have evolved from some earlier form of research and have morphed into the versions we have today. Take Six Sigma for example:

It all began with Edward Deming, widely considered as the father of modern management. He developed the management cycle tool called Plan Do Check and Act (PCDA) back in the 1950s. At around the same time Walter A Shewart developed theories around Statistical Process Control (SPC).

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Collaborative inventory: a risk worth the reward

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