Become an elite mental athlete

The executive’s essential guide to maximising your mental performance

By David Silverstein

David Silverstein BMGI - lo res 1

David Silverstein, CEO of BMGI

Our global CEO, David Silverstein was recently in South Africa. We asked him to share some of his most useful insights into how executives can improve their thinking and mental performance, from his book, Become an Elite Mental Athlete.

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One eye on the ball, the other on the game plan

Performance reporting lessons from sport

By Stan Shaw

 The 2013 Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships recently played out, and what an event it was. Andy Murray won the men’s championship and being very British, I had to watch, but could not do so uninterrupted. Family commitments didn’t allow me the privilege of witnessing history unfold play by play.

On reflection, that was not a problem at all, since always visible via the scoreboard was information on who was leading at any time and what the guy in second place had to do to close the gap and win.

I then realised that the sporting world has moved a long way from showing just the score, now displaying a lot of other data analysis that makes the viewing that much more interesting.

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