Visual management makes all the difference

By Stan Shaw

Did you know that our eyes can process some 36,000 bits of information every hour? They also occupy 65 percent of the pathways to the brain, so it’s no wonder that 85 percent of our knowledge comes through our eyes.

And our eyes don’t just stop working – they are capable of functioning without rest. The body and mind feel tired, but our eyes still see.

Seeing is only the first step though, after that the brain must process the information the eyes have taken in. That’s where time can be wasted and frustration can set in, if what we see is confusing or unnecessarily complicated.

The solution is good visual management – making life easier by making visual cues and instructions easy to understand. I was once told, “Effective communication removes the need for language.” That has made me look at visual management with a slightly more critical eye.

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