CNBC Africa profiles BMGI Global CEO on next steps thinking

What has happened in the markets lately is too complex to explain. This is why you need to be Three Steps Ahead“. On this episode of  CNBC Africa’s Moneymakers, Bruce Whitfield chats to David Silverstein, CEO of BMGI Global, to explore the philosophy that “If we don’t think three steps ahead, we forfeit the opportunity to manage the future.”

BMGI Global CEO David Silverstein on CNBC Africa’s Moneymakers

Five keys to successful innovation

 BMGI goes live on CNBC Africa

By Neil Maslen

Africa is a great place to do business. With over a billion people and a growing middle class the continent offers an abundance of opportunities for companies to introduce innovations that make people’s lives easier.

I was recently part of a panel discussion on CNBC Africa’s Innovate Africa show. We discussed how innovation isn’t always about the latest, greatest business offering. What’s more important is being capable of adapting to a changing market.

On the show I shared my five top tools for successful innovation. These are: networking, observing, questioning, experimenting and adaptation. Watch the show below for my explanation of how these steps can guide you towards successful innovation.