BMGI Business Breakfast Looks at Unlocking the Creative Potential of Employees

Igintynternational consulting firm BMGI will be hosting a business breakfast in Durban on Friday, May 29, that will focus on the key topic of unlocking the creative potential of people in an organization.

Presenter at the breakfast will be BMGI South Africa’s Organisational Design and Development Lead Consultant, Ginty Chalk. 

“Leadership in business is about more than making decisions and taking risks.  It is also about making the most of one of your most critical resources – your staff. Many executives do not realize that the scope for enabling their people to engage in ongoing improvement activities is, truth be told, limitless,” she explains.

BMGI is an international consulting firm focusing on strategy, innovation, operational excellence and change management. Emphasis is on the practical side of strategy—making sure clients have clear directions and goals while ensuring that those goals are truly achievable.  This particular breakfast will focus on how to improve the engagement of people in a business and unleash their inherent creative potential.


“When I work with clients, I emphasise the following – ‘Don’t do for people that which they can do for themselves.’ This approach requires that managers be taught how to do this.  Even though we cannot get down to the specifics of a particular organization at a breakfast, we know that the overall approach is useful to companies.  Very often, these breakfasts lead to deeper relationships with clients that have been extremely beneficial to everyone,” explains Chalk.

The BMGI Getting Engaged…The Leadership Challenge breakfast will be held at the Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani, 63 Snell Parade, Durban from 08h00 till 11h00 on Friday, May 29.  It is aimed at  HR, Learning and Development and Talent Managers and entrance is free.  Registration is essential, however.  

To register, go to 

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Business Breakfast: Getting Engaged – The Leadership Challenge

29 May, Durban
Ginty Chalk will facilitate an interactive session for leaders on how to engage team members and spark creativity.

Structured Innovation Course
1 – 5 June, Cape Town
6 – 10 July, Johannesburg
26 – 30 October, Johannesburg
Yes, Innovation can be structured and in this course, BMGI will show you how to follow a systematic innovation roadmap following the D4 (Define, Discover, Develop and Demonstrate) methodology. D4 helps you identify unmet customer needs, generate ideas to fulfil those needs, analyse the most promising solutions and test the end product/process.

Change Leadership Course
2 – 12 June, Johannesburg
19 – 23 October, Johannesburg

BMGI’s Change Leadership Course will help you become a strong and capable change leader—providing all the knowledge, tools and skills you need to create widespread commitment and manage the details of any change initiative, large or small.

Navigate Change with the ChangePro Simulation
10 July, Johannesburg
2 October, Johannesburg
19 November, Johannesburg

BMGI is the only company in South Africa who is accredited to facilitate this highly interactive business simulation. The ChangePro® Simulation is designed to illustrate the importance of managing the change process.

Leading High Performing Teams Course
22 -24 June, Johannesburg
How can companies unleash the potential of people to create high performing teams? BMGI’s High-Performing Team methodology is designed to empower people to achieve innovation success.

Leading Lean
13 – 16 July, Johannesburg
The Lean Workshop is a highly interactive learning experience to develop your approach to Lean thinking. The course uses various simulations, media and games in an experiential manner.

Train-the-Trainer Course
20 – 24 July, Johannesburg
(Our last scheduled Train-the-Trainer course for 2015!)
BMGI’s Train-the-Trainer course is an intensive skill-building experience that teaches attendees how to become better instructors, presenters, meeting leaders, mentors and coaches. Attendees learn the practices, behaviors and tools they need to improve audience participation, buy-in, comprehension, retention and application.

Design for Lean Six Sigma
24 – 28 Aug, Johannesburg
Design for Lean Six Sigma, is a powerful methodology for ensuring the quality and reliability of new product and process designs in any industry. This course uniquely combines the best knowhow for developing efficient and waste-free designs (the Lean aspect), as well as those that are defect and error-free (the Six Sigma aspect).

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Adapt or die

Strategies to outwit the pace of change

By Ginty Chalk

Gob_136Today’s business landscape is characterised by a staggering pace of change. New information and ideas are spreading like wildfire across the globe, for example, Youtube receives four billion views per day, and new innovations are being adopted more quickly  – while radio took 38 years to reach an audience of 50 million, television took 13 years, the internet, four years and Facebook took only two years to reach the same number of people. If businesses cannot adapt to this pace of change by doing things differently, they simply won’t survive.
Infographic from Mindjet
Adapt or die – this is the choice organisations face in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

We at BMGI recommend the following two techniques to help business leaders become more adaptable. Continue reading