BMGI To Host Vital Team Leadership and Change Management Workshops

Team Leadership and Change Management Workshops


August 31 to September 2

Companies in the midst of the cut-and-thrust of normal market operations often do not find time to address issues around their most important asset – their people. Fighting fires in the marketplace often leads to a lack of investment in people. “Research consistently shows that holistic, effective, cross-functional teams are significantly more likely to produce better business results,” says BMGI’s HR and Change Management Specialist Ginty Chalk.

Of the best performing companies, 66 percent show good crossfunctional co-operation on project teams, whereas only 24 percent of the worst performance companies do. “Organisations with high performing teams significantly outperform their peers by effectively leveraging the capability and experience of each individual team member,” Chalk says.

BMGI Training

The Leading High Performance Teams workshop is designed to lift the performance of teams and empower team leaders to get the most out of their teams. Delegates participate in games, exercises, evaluations, practice sessions and meaningful interactions, learning how to deal with difficult situations through role-playing.

The course provides opportunities to link to real life challenges and conditions and ensures that participants focus on the specific plans and actions needed in their working environments.



September 7 to 9

The environment around companies changes regularly. The key questions are: is there a resistance to change in your company? Does your company know how to manage change? The change model in this workshop was derived from the proven work of experts such as John Kotter. The course is practical, experiential and personal; it focuses on the specific actions and behaviors needed to successfully manage change initiatives in a company.

“As interactive this workshop will build skills around tools and techniques that will provide a sound foundation of change.  The behavioural assessment DiSC is used, and the workshop will leave participants with practical tools and techniques to achieve a successful change implementation,” Chalk explains.

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